Arby Lipman is a professional photographer and a regular client of Oryx Worldwide Photographic Expeditions. His photographic interests range from landscapes, portraiture, cultures and, of course, wildlife. His wildlife photography is particularly noteworthy due to the dedication, effort and eye that Arby applies to all of his top images. Willing to be up and at it at the crack of dawn, to sit and wait for countless hours, to plan for the shot, and to shoot the plan, and to endure discomfort for the sake of his art makes Arby a true and dedicated nature photographer. His eye for black and white composition, atypical angles and capturing the perfect moment is what makes Arby a photographer worthy of keeping your eye on.

ORYX Wildlife Safaris is a specialist wildlife tour company offering a wide range of exciting nature safaris to some of our planet’s most pristine and remote regions in search of iconic mammals and other wildlife. Expertly led and passionately constructed, our tours aim to deliver the ultimate eco holiday; be it searching for Jaguars in verdant corners of the Pantanal in Brazil, tracking Snow Leopard in the Himalayas, enjoying unforgettable encounters with the incredible Wildebeest migration in Kenya & Tanzania, coming face to face with the Leopards of South Africa, or whatever your particular objective. We also run a number of cruises to remote wildlife destinations including the Arctic, Antarctic and Maldives.

Out of Bounds specializes in exploratory, off-the-beaten-path locations and complex multi-country itineraries to some of the most exotic and least-known regions in the world. Working closely with the most knowledgeable and reliable ground partners in each country we visit, our tours are meticulously crafted with an eye towards guiding travelers deeper than ever before within areas of the world that are often overlooked but teeming with mysteries, adventures and surprises that will assure a rewarding and eye opening experience.

Rockjumper Birding Tours is a dedicated bird tour company specializing in quality birdwatching holidays and wildlife safaris throughout the world, guided by passionate and experienced professional tour leaders. Our portfolio of 250 different tours encompasses 100 destinations, including some of the most breathtaking and biologically diverse places on our planet. While our quest is first and foremost to deliver the ultimate birding experience, our tours are also educational, fun and excellent value for money!

Tau Anthropological Safaris is the latest addition to our company portfolio. Our goal with Tau is to weave together and explore four diverse and fascinating fields; namely anthropology, archaeology, traditional and modern interactions between man and wildlife (including game tracking), and the story of human evolution. In the process we will visit some of the world’s most important prehistoric sites and more modern architectural marvels, discover areas of pristine wilderness, spend time observing primate behavior and interact with tribes who proudly maintain their traditional cultures.

MalaMala Game Reserve is the Safari Industry’s blueprint to the luxury photographic safari. In existence since 1927, this massive thriving tract of land produces the most exciting wildlife experience this side of the equator. MalaMala Game Reserve is the largest private Big Five game reserve in South Africa.